Fanfic Rec Wednesday – The Consequence of Miracles

C’mon, you probably knew this one was coming. If you follow me on Twitter, you will have seen me flailing all over The Consequence of Miracles by TravisBirkenstock. (Find it here on Technically, this is a WIP, but I feel okay recommending it because it’s completely written already and only has a few more chapters left to post.

The Consequence of Miracles.jpg

I am FLOVING this story – and I’m not the only one.  EVERYONE seems to be reading TCoM. I was clued in through all the tweets of people losing their minds over it, saying things like they were pulling over on the side of the road or locking themselves in the office bathroom to read the new chapters as soon as they were posted. I wanted to see for myself what was so good about it. And, whoa… it is so, so good. This is the story we’ve been waiting for.

Be forewarned, it’s SAD! Like really, really, really sad. The subject matter is heavy but it’s handled with such sensitivity and caring. It is so beautifully written. You physically ache for this pair and for the entire cast of characters. Everyone is affected in some way or another. The circumstances and the characters’ thoughts, feelings and reactions to it leave you raw and bleeding.  It’s torturous agony but you keep going back for more because it’s so REAL, impactful and moving. It grabs you and holds on.

The silver lining is that even throughout the darkest parts, there is always this tiny ember of hope glowing. It’s in Bella’s perseverance and unwavering mentality. It’s in Edward’s commitment to rebuilding his life. As corny as this may sound, it’s in the love they have for each other. And really, isn’t that what we’re here for? One minute, you’re drowning in hurt – the next, choking on optimism. For me, it’s that crazy balance of pain and hope that give this story its weight and depth.

The characterization is amazing. I really love Travis’ versions of Edward and Bella. Both of them are intelligent, present, and self-aware, both enviably selfless and immensely strong – but I love that their true strength and redemption comes from accepting and embracing their selfish wants and needs.

The dialogue is probably the best I’ve ever read. It is spot-on, capturing how teenagers speak. It’s perfectly realistic but it also carries a certain wisdom and insight, little tidbits and life lessons embedded into the conversation and narrative. And it’s funny. Edward and Bella have a rhythm – a way of relating to each other – that is pure and sweet. The banter is masterfully written, which in my opinion, is a rarity. It lends itself very well to the pacing and plot of this story.

I understand that the high angst warning may put some people off picking it up, but I urge you to give it a chance. If you read fics like Wide Awake, Just Wait, and/or Emancipation Proclamation, etc., you will survive this one. The Consequence of Miracles is one of those stories that I like to call an “instant classic”. As soon as you pick it up, you KNOW it’s one of the greatest contributions to our fandom.

Note: It’s actually complete now. The last chapter just posted. But I haven’t read it yet. *slow exhale* Wish me luck!

(originally posted to Eat. Sleep. Breathe. Twilight.)

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