Love Letter

I always have my iPad with me. When I’m lying in bed, before I fall asleep, that is when my brain works through everything. Every once in awhile, I feel like I need to write things down. My iPad is right there, so my notes section is full of stuff.

I just came across this and decided to share it. I wrote it January 16 at 3:21am.


It’s always you. You’re the one I put my faith in. The one I lean on. When the rest of the world throws me and I feel like everyone turns their backs on me, I turn to you. You’re always there when it really matters. You may not always understand, or agree, but you always love and you support me in ways I can’t even wrap my head around. Just being near you makes me feel stronger. You may not be able to diffuse every bomb that sets itself off inside of me, but you smother the flames into mere smouldering embers. Your consistency provides a balance in my world that I crave. I would be lost without you.

(originally posted to wohngsikneuih)

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