Fic Recs

You may or may not have seen me hardcore pimping myself out on Twitter every Wednesday. I’ve been writing fanfiction recommendations for my friend’s blog network as a weekly column. It’s been a lot of fun and something that keeps my unemployed ass doing something on a regular basis. (Granted, I enlist my friends to do my work for me at least every other week. But even then, I put quite a bit of effort into those posts too.)
Anyway~ since I never have much to post on my OWN blog, I thought I would create a “master list” of my posts over there for here and add to it as I go. So if you ARE interested in reading what I (and my friends) think of particular stories, it’s all in one place.
Before I started the weekly column, I also randomly wrote articles on various fanfiction related topics which I’ll add at the bottom of the list.

UPDATE: I wasn’t able to keep up with the commitment of doing weekly posts so, Summer Rose was my last rec for her blog. I’ve since posted them all here on my own blog too, for safe keeping.

November 5  My Bella
July 2  Summer Rose
June 25  The Practicum – guest rec’d by Angie
June 11  Que Sera Sera – guest rec’d by Dee
June 4  The Consequence of Miracles
May 28  The Perfect Gift – guest rec’d by Kristin
May 21  Deviant
May 14  The Keepsake – guest rec’d by Jodi
May 7  Chop and Change – guest rec’d by Brina
April 30  The Blessing and the Curse
April 23  Tides of Fate – guest rec’d by Miranda
April 16  Awkwardly Yours
April 9  Help Wanted – guest rec’d by Jodi
April 2  The Debt
March 26  Love in My Box – guest rec’d by Kristin
March 19  Wisp
March 12  Words with Friends/Words with Strangers – guest rec’d by Brina
March 5  My Top 5

March 13  Next Up – To Be Read
November 30  Adventures in Beta-ing
November 9  Haters Gon’ Hate
Novemeber 2  Fic Peeves and Hard Limits
October 26  Fanfiction: It’s “Forever.”

(originally posted to Eat. Sleep. Breathe. Twilight.)

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