Fanfic Rec Wednesday – The Keepsake

I haven’t been feeling to great the past few days and haven’t been able to write up anything to post on time so, as usual, I rely on my friends. Hopefully I’ll be all caught up on my reading next week in order to be back with a rec of my own.

Today’s rec is another one from my lovely friend, Jodi (@joderss). She’s the best, especially because she knew I was in a bind this week and just whipped this out for me.

Title: The Keepsake

the keepsake.png

By: windchymes (@Windchymes11)


Why is it good?:
I love stories that give me a good Edward.  Someone who is strong, solid and who loves without all the insecurities that Original Edward had in Twilight.  For me reading fan fiction is a chance to spend more time with one of my favorite literary characters, Edward Cullen.  It’s what keeps me coming back to fic time and time again.  I thought I had seen all the Edwards there were to be seen: Doucheward, Mobward, Doctorward, Tatward, there are so many incarnations of our favorite guy.

I started reading The Keepsake by Windchymes not having heard anything about it.  It was on my long, long list of bookmarks and it was the next in line.  The Keepsake takes place two years after Edward leaves Bella in the woods at the beginning of New Moon.  Bella is a college student in Seattle and has learned to live without Edward.  I won’t say that she has forgotten him, but she has learned to live her life without him.

To tell you what happens next would be to give away a major part of the plot.  Suffice it to say that circumstances bring Bella and Edward together once again.  The best thing about The Keepsake is that it truly is an original take on the story of Edward and Bella.  It also has one of the best, well-rounded Edwards I have ever read.  This is an Edward that is not mired in self-loathing, not controlling and not overprotective.  It is impossible to not fall in love with him.  He is mature and really a true partner for Bella.  Also, Edward is funny!  Usually a character trait reserved for Emmett, but in this story Edward gets to have some fun too.  Oftentimes when Edward is written so well in a fic, Bella is a hot mess.  Not the case for The Keepsake’s Bella.  Bella is strong, controlled and most of all, loving.  She has grown up since Edward left her and it’s that growth that allows her to be there when Edward needs her.

The Keepsake has all the elements of a great fic.  There is love, betrayal, angst and forgiveness.  If you haven’t read it, bookmark it and read it soon.  It’s that good.


This is what I love about readers – we all are so varied in our tastes. Everything that Jodi pointed out as characteristics she finds less than desirable in various other Edwards are the very same that draw me to him. And yet, even those this particular version of Edward is not those things, what she has said about The Keepsake makes me wanna drop everything and run to read it. It was just recently completed so I think I may just do exactly that. It’s only 20 chapters and just over 165,000 words so I feel confident I can add that to my current reading pile. It sounds great! And don’t get me wrong – I’m all for mature and funny!

Thanks so much for the rec, Jodi ~ and thank you once again for coming to my rescue!

(originally posted to Eat. Sleep. Breathe. Twilight.)

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