Fanfic Rec Wednesday – Words with Friends/Strangers

I mentioned last week that I’m not a quick reader, but I still want to be able to do some recommendations for you, so I will be enlisting the help of my super-speed-reading friends from time to time. Every Wednesday, I’ll post a rec for you to check out. As always, I am very interested in your reactions to what you read. Let me know in the comments or over on twitter (@kmah88) if you read it and what you thought.

I’ll be back next week with my own, but today’s rec comes to you via PurpleBrina17. (BTW, if you aren’t reading her Music Monday posts on FANdemonium Network, you need to!)

Title: Words With Friends (BPOV) / Words With Strangers (EPOV)

Words with Friends-Strangers.jpg

By: Nolebucgrl (@Nolebucgrl)

Link: /

Why Brina says it’s good:

“In this day and age with everyone online or on their phone, of course people are meeting online, in chat rooms, messages board, and through games. Such is the case with one (technically one story, but in two versions) of my favorite fics, ‘Words’. Bella is a normal college student and Edward is a movie star. They meet by pure luck. Read this and fall in love with these characters as they fall in love with each other like I did.

I like the story idea and the style of writing. It’s believable. The story is funny and sweet and has hella sexy lemons with a side of lemonade and lemon cake for dessert.”


I also really like this one but it’s one of the ones I’m still in the middle of reading. I won’t officially rec something until I complete it. So take Brina’s word for it, and check out ‘Words’ – both of them. (I am partial to the EPOV, WWS, but they both have plot points that you will miss if you only read one.)

(originally posted to Eat. Sleep. Breathe. Twilight.)

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