My Pic for Christina Perri’s Head vs. Heart Tour

Not gonna lie, I totally fangirled when CP posted my picture on her Instagram and Twitter accounts. #headorheart


cp insta.png

cp tweet.png

There was some backlash over this too, which was hilarious. Because my Twitter was @kmuffin88 (changed later on) and my Instagram was @kmah88 and Christina posted it on Instagram citing my Twitter name, someone commented saying that the kmuffin handle wasn’t in use on Instagram and someone should claim it. So some little girl did! I don’t know what she thought she’d gain from impersonating me. Anyway… my friends were outraged on my behalf and called the girl out and I may have defended my name and “artistic licence” a bit. All in fun.


And later…

On April 14th, my friends Abbygail, Elana and I went to see Christina in concert in Toronto. I printed out my Edward creation and showed it to her during the meet and greet. She remembered it and laughed, saying she loved it, and autographed it for me. (It’s now framed in my Twilight room.)


cp (1)

the Twilight tattoo

(originally posted to Eat. Sleep. Breathe. Twilight.)

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