Get to Know Dee

Last of the Q&A’s for now (unless I can coerce some volunteers)~

Name: Deena

Age: 40

Status: Married w/2 great kids (when they want to be)

Twitter: @mizzdee_FF

Do you blog? no

What other social media sites do you use? twitter, FB, Instagram and now Groupme

5 little-known facts about you: 
1. I had a full-ride scholarship to a big name University but turned it down to raise my daughter. Consequently, it took me 10 years to earn my degree
2. The walls in my house make me look like I’m still 15 years old. (Posters everywhere…mostly of Orlando, of course.)
3. My husband never propsed to me. After 2 years of dating and 2 more living together, I told him I was planning a wedding and if he didn’t want to marry me, he had to stop me. That was 9 blissful years ago.
4. I am deathly allergic to bees and mosquitos and almost died when I was four when one of those little bastards stung me.
5. Growing up, I wanted to be a high school history teacher and teach in my old high school but scratched that dream when the teenagers today started to scare the crap out of me. Columbine just hit too close to home.

Questions stolen from Twi-Between :
When/how did your Twilight obsession begin? Taylynn actually told me about the first movie and when I saw the first TV spot, I told her the guy from Harry Potter was playing in the movie. She really liked him so I bought her tickets for Christmas. She made me go with her a week later and made sure I was watching the screen 10 minutes into the movie when Edward first appeared. After the movie, I bought the first book and four days later I was reading the final line of Breaking Dawn.

What is your favorite Twilight quote? New Moon – Edward – “Don’t worry you’re human. Your memory is no more than a sieve. Time heals all wounds for your kind.”
Bella – (narration) I could not do anything else. I had to keep moving. If I stopped looking for him, it was over. Love, life, meaning…over. Unfotunately, he was wrong. Time only lessens the pain. Nothing heals it.

Who is your favorite non-holy Twinity (minor) character? I’ve narrowed this down to Emmett, Charlie, Sam (and not because of Chaske), and Seth

Which is your favorite Twilight movie? New Moon (again, not because of Chaske)

What is your favorite song from any of the Twilight soundtracks? Hearing Damage, A Thousand Years, and Possibility

Ideal vacay? Forks, set stalking, Brit Pack concert, or a non-Twi premiere? It would have to be a non-Twi premier because (and B don’t hit me) I don’t even know who they consider the Brit Pack (kmah‘s Note: The Brit Pack (I agree with Brina. Stupid name.) generally refers to Bobby LongMarcus Foster, and Sam Bradley.)

What is your favorite Non-Twilight film of a Twilight star? Pitch Perfect and Remember Me

What is your favorite Twilight memory? BD1 premier is definitely at the top of the list.
1. Flying 1000 miles to meet the strangers who were my roommates
2. The big hand molesting said roommates
3. Meeting B in the tent in front of me and the late night talks through the walls of our tents
4. Sitting with B during the movies and pissing off the people around us with our heckling
5. Seeing Rob and Kellan and PFach up close
6. Meeting Josh Horowitz (he was cool) and Mayim Bialik (the great Amy Farah Fowler)
7. And hitting Taylynn cuz she laughed at me for screaming at the screen when Carlisle and Seth died

New Questions:
Who is your favorite Twilight actor? Rob, definitely. Chaske, of course, Gil Birmingham and Michael Sheen

What has being a fan of Twilight opened up for you? For a long time, I stopped allowing myself to get close to people, but this opened up a whole new world with a group of friends I never would have met otherwise.

What is your craziest fangirl moment? Having lunch with Chaske. I was a fan of his ever since my dad forced me to watch Into the West (years before Twilight even came out) so it was huge for me. I literally couldn’t breathe when I won the auction and I could barely function that morning and I couldn’t sit still on the train into the city or in the cab to the restaurant. But the second I opened the door and saw him standing there, calm settled over me and I could finally breathe. We sat and talked about anything and everything we could think of for two hours. (Did you know he’s a closet fan of the Real Housewives shows??  okay it’s really Emily that watches but he’s a good boyfriend and watches it with her) Now, he actually knows me and we actually talk like real people which I never expected to happen but he’s a great guy and super chill and I love him to death. (kmah’s Note: What an awesome experience! Jelly.)

Who is your favorite NON-Twilight vampire? Damon Salvatore. And Klaus cuz he’s a bad ass

Fanfiction Questions:
What are you reading right now? I was reading Glycerine by livie79 and All I Have to Give by LyricalKris, but they both just completed. So you should read them if you have a chance. They’re really good. I am slowly reading That Doesn’t Happen in Real Life and To Love My Enemy (C/B)
And I’m waiting for updates on many, many others

I know it’s almost impossible, but ~ what are your top 5 favorite fics? I know you just want top 5 but I can’t decide between canon or non-canon, so I’m gonna break it down a bit.
E/B fics (which I know you all love):
1. Bella’s Summer Nights / Femme Docs & Kevlar Knights – A Cullen Wannabe (You don’t have to read BSN first, but it helps)
2. There is a Light – belladonnacullen
3. The Widow’s Walk – brodeurgirl30
4. The Cullen Legacy – pattyrose
5. Que Sera Sera – livie79
Non-Canon (cuz they deserve love too):
1. What’s Lust Got To Do With It? (Em/B) – my hubby is no edward
2. Miror Quaenam Sis Tam Bella (P/B) – MeraNaamJoker
3. Holding Sam (S/B) – MeraNaamJoker
4. Original Sin (C/B) – BookwormBaby2580
5. Never on My Mind (P/B) – lifelesslindsey
6. There Once Was A King (C/B) – Brits23 (sadly unfinished)
Slash fics (in case anyone other than me reads them):
1. Marked (E/J) – Whitlock-Masen
2. Drenched (E/J) – MizzHyde
3. Shifting Gears (C/E) – TKegl
4. A Tale of Two Cities (E/Em) – TruceOver
5. Learning to Fly (C/E) – KellanCougar
6. Uncomfortable (E/J) – Savannah-Vee  (again…sadly unfinished)
(kmah’s Note: That was the best answer EVER!)

Who is your favorite incarnation of Edward (specifically, from which story)? I like daddywards…any fic that shows him as a good, loving father and husband, or a single dad finding love. My favorite daddyward is in Endings & Beginnings by JadedLadies.
And any sportsward will do. I love Edward when he plays sports. My favs are Sideline Collision and First & Ten by Nolebucgrl.

What are your fanfic hard limits? I don’t really have any. I’m open to so many different types of stories that if it has a good, plausible storyline, I’ll read it.

What is your biggest ficpeeve? I really, really don’t like pushover Bella’s
I hate when a story completely changes direction just cuz the readers don’t like where it’s heading. I also hate when a story forces a happy ending when there really shouldn’t be one.  Sometimes characters just need to be apart to be happy. And I hate when a writer takes a virgin Bella or Edward and turns them into porn stars on their first time cuz that shit ain’t real.

Who are your favorite authors? 

Why do you read fanfiction? I started reading fanfiction to feed my Twilight obsession. I did try to read fics from other fandoms, but nothing could keep me interested. Twilight is the only one I read cuz I simply love the characters. And I love to see how the creativity of the authors bring them to life in new and different ways. Also, like everyone else, the sex scenes are freaking awesome.

What other fandoms do you count yourself a member of? I really can’t say I’m a ‘part’ of any other fandom. I mean, I like TVD, Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Mortal Instruments and I’m a total Star Wars nerd but I don’t read their fanfic stories or care about their premiers or even keep up with what the actors are doing because not one of them has affected me or become such part of my life like Twilight has.


How Dee and I met: Miranda was in charge of the hotel room we were splitting for the BD2 premiere in LA. I didn’t know anyone else who would be staying with us. I got Dee’s name from Miranda and I think I tweeted her once of twice to say hi. We all finally met there and ended up having the time of our lives. Who knew you could have so much fun with complete strangers?!
For anyone interested, it was Dee who finally convinced me to go beyond my fic comfort zone. She popped my non-canon cherry. And is responsible for breeching some other limits too…


Dee and I at the Forever in Forks party

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