Get to Know Kaly

And here is the 4th installment of my Twi-friends Q&A…

Name:  Karen (Kaly)

Age:  Do I have to? 😉 47

Status: single

Twitter: @KalyP

Do you blog? Nope. Used to work on a Moonlight forum – on the Twilight section. But that was right around the time of the first movie.

What other social media sites do you use? Facebook

5 little-known facts about you:  I’m a twin (a brother, two minutes younger); my cousin’s daughter was Miss Virginia a few years ago (Miss USA pageant); I had thyroid cancer (thyroid was removed in 2004); this is hard…not sure I can think of two more (well, there’s one…but I’m not mentioning that one on here – LOL!!)

Questions stolen from Twi-Between:
When/how did your Twilight obsession begin? I’d seen the books on the shelves in the local stores – even picked them up a few times, but always put them down because they were “vampire” books (said with rolled eyes). Then talk of the movie started and I’d heard that Rob had been cast. I liked him in Goblet of Fire, so I broke down and got Twilight. At the same time – on the same day in fact, several life-altering events happened that I won’t go into (plus it was the day before the anniversary of my mother’s passing)…the books became an escape for me. I devoured them. It was June 26th & Breaking Dawn came out on Aug 2nd…by which time I think I’d read the first three books at least three times each. 😉

What is your favorite Twilight quote? Wow…this is hard. It’s been a while since I’ve read the books. It’s more scenes that are favorites. Like the blood-typing – I was so disappointed that it wasn’t in the movie. And it’s so much better from Edward’s POV. In New Moon – I liked what happened between when they left Aro & when they arrived back in Forks. All the waiting to be allowed to leave & the flight home. The tent scene in Eclipse – the movie does a fair job of capturing the essence of that scene. In Breaking Dawn – well the “You got food in my hair!” was always a favorite. And Garrett’s speech – another thing I wish we’d seen in the movie.

Who is your favorite non-holy Twinity (minor) character? There are so many… Jasper, Alice, Garrett…Charlie (but that’s more due to Billy Burke than anything in the books), Peter (more from Midnight Sun – and then because of Erik Odom 😉 )

Which is your favorite Twilight movie?  Definitely Breaking Dawn (it is one long movie, you know? 😉 ) They’re the two I can rewatch over and over. I used to be that way with the first one, but I think I wore it out  😉

What is your favorite song from any of the Twilight soundtracks? Turning Page. A Thousand Years. Anything by Muse. It always seemed as if most of the best songs on each soundtrack ended up playing over the end credits. But maybe that’s just me.

Ideal vacay? Forks, set stalking, Brit Pack concert, or a non-Twi premiere? I’ve done the Brit Pack. I would love to visit Forks. Set stalking? I don’t think so. Surprisingly though, a non-Twi premiere has crossed my mind (and not directly related to Twi in any way)

What is your favorite non-Twilight film of a Twilight star?Probably Goblet of Fire. I love Remember Me, thought it’s a difficult one to watch. Frost/Nixon w/Michael Sheen was really good. Hmmm…Lee Pace was in The Hobbit (don’t ever ask me to choose one – LOL)

What is your favorite Twilight memory?  BD2LA, for sure. Finally being face to face with Allis; meeting Erik Odom (and Jack Morrissey). Putting faces to the names of so many people that I’d only spoken to online. Standing in that freezing plaza & singing along to It Will Rain & A Thousand Years with about 1500 other fans – that memory still brings tears to my eyes. (kmah’s Note: I almost forgot about the ‘It Will Rain moment’. That was amazing!) A non-Fan Camp memory, though – being involved in an online radio interview with Jackson back in January of 2009. I only got to ask him two questions, but it was a very surreal experience. Oh…and meeting Christopher Heyerdahl – great hugs that man gives!

New Questions:
Who is your favorite Twilight actor? Well…I have a soft spot for Chris Heyerdahl (as mentioned above); Erik, of course (if memory serves, a Full House discussion was the start of our Twitter friendship 😉 ); Rob; though we haven’t seen much of him lately, I adore Guri Weinberg – another that I’ve chatted with on Twitter

What has being a fan of Twilight opened up for you? friendships – so many new ones. And I’ve learned how strong some of those friendships are recently. And, oddly enough, Twilight broke through a nearly five-year case of writer’s block.

What is your craziest fangirl moment? l’m not sure I have one. Ummm…hearing Rob tell a mall full of screaming girls to shut up? LOL!!! That was the first Hot Topic tour. Sweltering in an un-air-conditioned bar in Dallas to see 100 Monkeys? When Erik recognized Allison at Fan Camp?

Who is your favorite NON-Twilight vampire?  Dimitri Belikov & Adrian Ivashkov (Vampire Academy/Bloodlines)

Fanfiction Questions:
What are you reading right now? I honestly rarely read it. I guess as a writer, I’m always afraid I’ll subconsciously “borrow” something from someone else’s stories.

I know it’s almost impossible, but ~ what are your top 5 favorite fics? I’m not sure I can think of 5…and I’m horrible at remembering authors. Dark Side of the Moon by Blondie aka Robin (I think that’s her name) It’s New Moon from Edward’s POV. Wisp (a WIP by Cris); Contextually Speaking by Gemgirl65; Collared…don’t recall the author’s name on that one

Who is your favorite incarnation of Edward (specifically, from which story)? Hmmm…can’t really think of one specific one – they all have their merits

What are your fanfic hard limits?  RPFs – if you want to insert yourself into a story with Edward or Jasper, okay fine…but writing smut about Rob or Jackson or whoever…ewww

What is your biggest ficpeeve?  I usually prefer the characters to be close to canon – even if they’re in an all human universe, Edward needs to be like Edward

Who are your favorite authors?  Fanfic? Can’t think of any in particular

Why do you read fanfiction?  For stories that expand on what’s already out there.

What other fandoms do you count yourself a member of?Vampire Academy is my big thing right now, but I love a lot of classic and current stuff. Star Trek, Lord of the Rings/Hobbit, Vampire Diaries to some extent, but I prefer The Originals. Harry Potter. Star Wars. Loved the show Chris used to be on – Sanctuary. Stargate SG1 & Stargate Atlantis.


How Kaly and I met: We found each other on Twitter (can’t decide who followed who first). I was just excited about meeting ANOTHER Karen. (I go through almost my whole life knowing only two others -one Karin and one Karyn- and then, all of a sudden there are at least four in my TL, WHO SPELL IT THE RIGHT WAY!) Then after a few months of tweeting back and forth, we finally got to meet in real life, or as REAL LIFE as BD2 fan camp can be considered. Highly surreal, if you ask me.


Kaly, me and Allis (slightly different picture than posted before

(originally posted on Eat. Sleep. Breathe. Twilight.)

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