Get to Know Allis

First instalment of the Q&A I’m bullying my Twi-friends into answering:

Name: Allison

Age: 37

Status: married

Twitter: @AllisSmith

Do you blog? Yep! TVD, The Originals, and Supernatural for

What other social media sites do you use? Facebook (sorta), instagram
5 little-known facts about you: British/American citizen (I’m British, born here), struggling to write a historical fiction, college & professional football NUT (passed “fan” in college)

Questions stolen from Twi-Between:
When/how did your Twilight obsession begin?  I wrote my undergraduate thesis on the vampire myth and how literature has changed in through the years (from Ovid to Anne Rice), and, upon learning this, one of the girls that I worked with at the time said there was this new author out there and she’d changed the myth again (happens about every 10 years, by the way) and I ought to read it.  She said I’d hate it because it was a romance novel, but I was engrossed.  By the time I got to ‘New Moon,’ it was the birthday of my best friend who died when I was 16 (my Edward) and when Edward left I kinda lost it for a few days.  I was hooked.  Time-wise it was just before Breaking Dawn was published.

What is your favorite Twilight quote? “I know what you’re feeling right now, and you are worth it.”

Who is your favorite non-holy Twinity (minor) character? Jasper

Which is your favorite Twilight movie? Even though I haven’t been able to watch the second one since I lost my dog last November (seeing the light go out in Seth’s eyes is just too hard) . . . Breaking Dawn 1 & 2. Bill Condon ROCKS! (Go see The Fifth Estate . . . seriously. Its awesome!)

What is your favorite song from a Twilight soundtrack?  The entire soundtrack!!  Supermassive Blackhole.

Ideal vacay? Forks, set stalking, Brit Pack concert, or a non-Twi premiere? Ummm…neither.  Hawaii.  Next, probably Forks.

What is your favorite non-Twilight film of a Twilight star?  Ummmm…..Ugh.  I guess Remember Me.  But I’m not a romance chick, so the relationship in the story ruins it for me.  Burlesque!!  I change my answer to Burlesque.  The romance is funny (Famous Amos cookies, anyone?) so, yeah, Burlesque.

What is your favorite Twilight memory?  Finally meeting Erik Odom after talking to him via Twitter & Facebook for two years!  Or finally meeting all these people I’d been talking to at BD2LA Fan Camp.  And going to EVERY SINGLE midnight show with my BFF, Will.

New Questions:
Who is your favorite Twilight actor? From ALL the movies, Jackson Rathbone.  From BD2?  Erik Odom (kmah’s Note: OMG. *facepalm* I forgot to mention Erik in my list. I adore that guy!)

What has being a fan of Twilight opened up for you? Ummmm….friends!

What is your craziest fangirl moment? Almost everyone I met at FanCamp finishing my name for me when I started to introduce myself!  I’d manage to get Allis out, and then everyone was all “Allison SMITH?? Erik’s Allison???”  It was fucking creepy!!!

Who is your favorite NON-Twilight vampire?  Lestat de Lioncourt

Fanfiction Questions:
What are you reading right now? I’m not.

I know it’s almost impossible, but ~ what are your top 5 favorite fics? I’m not sure I’ve read 5.  All of Lola’s stuff was my favorite.  Wide Awake was my first.  And MotU.

Who is your favorite incarnation of Edward (specifically, from which story)?  Lola’s.  No fucking Renesemee.

What are your fanfic hard limits?  I don’t know. I’ve read everything, but I guess I prefer the cannon pairings.  I have a hard time reading pairs that aren’t pairs.

What is your biggest ficpeeve?  Renesemee.  She should never have been written, don’t perpetuate it in fanfic.

Who are your favorite authors?  In fanfic?  I’ve not read enough to really answer this. But, the three (four, if you count both members of the pair) published ones that I’ve read are Christina Lauren (Christina Hobbs & Lauren Billings), Tara Sue Me, and E L James. And, yes, I know Fifty isn’t great writing, but, face it, neither is fecking Twilight.

Why do you read fanfiction?  I don’t have time to. If I’m not at work, I’m blogging, or reading stuff for the blog (I really need to finish this stack of 4 books, since I’m supposed to interview the authors soon), or being a parent/taxi-driver for the kid/wife/manager (read: constant slave to, on AND off the clock) or a mom-n-pop retail store/etc.

What other fandoms do you count yourself a member of? The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, House of Night, Harry Potter, anything Stephen King, Joe Hill, or any other horror author whose name I can’t think of right now


How Allis and I met: I was tweeting one night about TVD and must having been going on and on about Ian because mutual friend @KalyP said “you must talk to Allison”. So we followed each other and cyber-drooled together. From there we found out we have a TON in common (other than Twi- and TVD-related interests). We met in person for the first time at fancamp. It took us 2 full days to locate each other, but eventually we did.


@KalyP, @kmah88, @AllisSmith

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