Day 0 ~ The Airplane


our group – pre-departure

I’m on the plane. Been up in the air for about an hour and a half now. I took a pill to help me sleep, and I was almost drifting off but they have woken me for food. May as well eat, I guess.

So… my row was lucky enough to have malfunctioning movie screens. I was checking out what movies were available to watch but didn’t see much that interested me. It was a bit disappointing but I figured I could just sleep. But then, when I opened my eyes to survey the food cart situation, I saw that one of my classmates in the row and ahead of me was watching BD2, specifically Bella’s first hunt. What?! Why was this not an option for me? (BTW, the girl beside me also happens to be a Rob/Twilight fan. How lucky am I?!) So, naturally, I grabbed a flight attendant and explained that apparently our row’s screens are missing icons. She’s gonna reset the system after the meals are cleared away.


She’s watching. Why can’t I?

Just finished the first meal. Not too bad. A chicken/vegetable something or other with a white, peppery sauce. Bun, salad (of which I did not partake), and chocolate mousse.


As I was saying, there is no way I’m NOT watching Breaking Dawn when it’s an option. Is it weird that this will be my third time watching it on an airplane?

The plane itself is not so bad. It’s the same type as the one I flew to and from Japan in. As in big. They have those crazy pods in first class. Then 2 separated sections for economy class. The economy rows are 3 seats on either side and 3 in the middle. All of us that are travelling together are all sitting with each other. I have three girls in front of me, two in my row (I’m in the aisle seat – 36C to be precise), the guy and the two degree students in the aisle next to me, and one straggler by herself (poor her!) in front of that row. Actually, not poor her. She’s still with us. Just sharing her row with other people. And she’s the one watching Breaking Dawn. (She is the lucky one, if you ask me.)


I’m not in the mood for reading or watching movies right now. Gonna nap for a bit first. The pill I took is making me groggy and quite unstable on my feet. Might want to take advantage of that before it wears off. I do have a lot to occupy myself with if doesn’t work out.

When I wake up, I hope she’s remembered to restart our systems.

Oh, and BTW~ this is a 15 hour flight. I thought it was only 12. Yuck. Poor us.


It took so long because we took the scenic route through Northern Canada and Russia.

There was this nuts chick behind me at security that had a full bottle of lotion and was arguing to bring it on the plane. I couldn’t hear was what being said but she turned the bottle upside down and starting squirting it out everywhere. It was causing a bit of a scene. The security personnel lady was calling for back up and 2 more guards showed up. I lost interest since no one was screaming or being thrown to the ground. Boooo. I wonder if she ended up getting on the plane. Haha.

Also, when we got down to the gates area, there was a souvenir shop where I picked up 3 boxes of icewine chocolates and 4 boxes of maple crème cookies (since it was buy 3, get one free) for the teacher gifts. It was just over $50. But then I went into the convenience store and they had even more stuff. Like maple or icewine tea bags, and other candies and stuff. I bought just one box of maple tea and these maple sugar things. I figured I could leave that in their staff room for them to share. Then I also saw little dream catcher cell phone charms. So I bought three of those too. All told, $100 on teacher gifts. I know, I know. I’m stupid.


Dammit. The system is reset but the new release icons are still missing. No fair. I DO have the first four movies on my laptop as well as my personal bootleg copy. I COULD just watch those… But I kinda wanted to check out Life of Pi too.

Well, that settles that. For now, I’m gonna listen to some nice classical music, curl up with my lumpy pillow and fuzzy Edward blankie, and go to sleep.

Update: Movie situation was rectified (icons still didn’t work but apparently selecting negative space works), BD2 was watched, at least 11 hours of sleep was had, two more meals were consumed, and everyone landed in Hong Kong safely.



2nd meal: cup noodles, brick sandwich, and a cookie


3rd meal: congee, fruit, and inedible bread


Welcome to Hong Kong!

(originally posted to ngohheuiheunggong)


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