The End

Hi! Welcome to the very bottom of the blog.

How did you get here? Did you actually scroll allllllll the way to the bottom?!

Please tell me you didn’t read it ALL! (If you did, you should seek professional help. Like, from a therapist. ‘Cause you either have major insomnia issues or you are super masochistic.)

Anywho~ If you did happen to read a bunch of that crap anywhere above this post and are feeling sad and empty now that you have no more from me to suck away your time, DON’T WORRY! I was taking up space online long before I started this blog.

In fact, I had spent months and months consolidating it all and adding it here, all the way back to 2000. But I ran out of room to add new posts so I split it up. Everything before our first trip to Japan (and a bunch of quizzes) was moved to my “archive blog”.

So if you are desperate for more of my rambling words and fresh wit, head there and continue your self-abuse.

The kmah88 Archives


(And please keep in mind, it’s all OLD and I was almost an entirely different person, so if I said something ridiculous… Well, that’s still me. But hopefully it at least wasn’t offensive. *smooch*)

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