I remember compliments people give me that meant a lot to me, but they are always the strangest things.

Both of these examples happened 10-15 years ago.

Once, while ringing in a sale, a customer told me I had “shampoo commercial hair”.

Another time, another customer told me as I wrote down her contact information for an item she was looking for, that I had really beautiful writing.

I think I remember the seemingly mundane ones like that forever because, a) those are things I have worked hard at or appreciate about myself too so I felt validated and b) they were sincere. It wasn’t fished for and they were just ‘by the way’ comments. Nothing could be gained in either of these customers favour by telling me.

Another one I will probably remember for a really long time is just recently, a customer (see a pattern here?) said, while on his way out the door, “By the way, you have a really great smile.”

Thanks, dude!

I hadn’t even realized I was smiling.

I feel like there is an important life lesson in that somehow.

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