A Guy’s Take on Vampires

CJ said this about vampires on his podcast. I LMAO’ed.

“Every show that I watch with werewolves in it is fairly popular. You know, not as friggin’ explosively popular as fucking sexy vampires doing it. Like, you’ll never escape The Vampire Diaries, True Blood, Twilight. I mean, a lot of people that like those other two shows don’t like Twilight, but the crazy is just the same. …I don’t know what it is – vampires are inherently sexy and I don’t know why. I understand why girls would find that sexy, but guys – I’m just like ‘there is fangs in her mouth!’ And if you’re not worried about those, that’s fine. I am. …I’m worried about girls with braces. And you’re going full on with fangs. …You like to live dangerously, I see.”


Check out CJ’s podcast on iTunes (M.L.R – Not A Real Comedian) or on his website. Dude is pretty funny.

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