Travel Phrases

This is a list of phrases I had ready to go last time… Not sure how helpful they will be this time considering I have forgotten 95% of the Japanese I learned. 😦  These aren’t the phrases you would think – like, where is the washroom? Or how much does this cost? Apparently, 5 years ago, these are the phrases I wanted to remember.

I don’t know. – shirimasen.

I forgot. – wasuremashita.

Please repeat that. – mou ichido onegaishimasu.

Please show me~ . –  ~o mitte kudasai.

Let’s have a drink together. – ippai nomimashou.

I’m staying at a hotel. – hoteru ni tomarimasu.

Jason cannot speak Japanese. – jason san wa nihongo ga/o (hanasu koto ga) dekimasen.

I want to buy souveniers before I go home. – (kanada he) kaeru mae ni omiyage o kaitai desu.

We got married 8 years ago. – (watashitachi wa) hachi nen mae ni kekkonshimashita.

Can I take pictures here? – koko ni shashin o totte mo ii desu ka?

I’m full. – onaka ga ippai desu.

I’m hungry. – onaka ga sukimashita.

I’m thirsty. – nodo ga kawakimashia.

May I take your order? – gochuumon wa.

Excuse me, can you take our picture? – sumimasen ga, sashin o isshoni totte kudasai.

Sorry, but could you take one more? – aa, sumimasen ga, mou ichido totte kudasai.

(right before eating) – itadakimasu.

(when done eating) – gochisousamadeshita.


(originally posted to Japan – Here I Come!)

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