It’s Good to Be the Queen… Or Would Be

I just read a blog post about ridiculous things to have done for you if you were the Queen (’cause apparently Lizzie has someone to break in her shoes for her).

queens shoes.jpg

The author of said post said she would have people doing mostly cleaning things. So, what crazy things would I forfeit doing in favour of having someone do for me? I thought about it for a few minutes. Sadly, the top things on my list are all personal care and hygiene related.

Someone to do all my cooking, obviously.
Someone to make sure I always have a fresh cup of tea.
Someone to wake me up, force me to work out, then shower, pick out my clothes for me, do my hair.
I remember a line Catherine Zeta-Jones had in America’s Sweethearts where she asks Julia Roberts, her assistant/sister, “Did we brush my teeth?” I remember nothing else from the movie but this idea always stuck with me. Yes. I am THAT lazy that I would prefer someone else to brush my teeth for me.
I would also need a driver.
Someone to make all my important calls.
Someone to do all my shopping.

(These last few things seem too obvious.)
Hmmm… what else?

Someone to read all things to me.

I should put some more thought into this. There has got to be something I want done that isn’t completely lame and pathetic.

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