Some Things Change

Years ago, I posted my “Likes and Dislikes“. I just came across it again and wanted to see what changed. Some things did, most did not.

My Favourites:
colour ~ green
food ~ mashed potatoes, steak
song ~ As if I could pick one!
movies ~ My Neighbor Totoro, Spirited Away
animal ~ panda
smell ~ clean
salad ~ mandarin chicken (made by me)
cookie ~ chocolate chip
ice cream ~ chocolate chip cookie dough, any with poprocks in it
cartoon character ~ Jiminy Cricket (non-anime)
tv show ~ Supernatural
book ~Twilight
number ~ 8
day of the week ~ Thursday
*article of clothing ~ fat pants   RIP  :_(     (read more below)
album ~ Muse – Drones
singer/band ~ Muse, Weezer, Bobby Long, Sia

My Not-So-Favourites:
food ~ strawberries
song ~ I’m gonna have to ask Hubby to remind me. I hate a lot of things so it shouldn’t be hard for me to think of one but I’m drawing a blank right now. He’ll know.
movie ~ Fifty  (Sorry.)
animal ~ spider or really any creepies
smell ~ dirty
day of the week ~ Sunday
word ~ made up/incorrect/mispronounced words
book ~ The Good Earth by Pearl Buck
singer/band ~ Oasis, Our Lady Peace


I’ve mentioned my “fat pants” in quizzes a lot and in an alarming amount of tweets. Perhaps I should explain. Not that any readers care… But when I’m old an rereading all this shit, I may wonder to myself, what the hell are fat pants? Doubt that… But anyway~

Fat pants in general are a pair of looser fitting, comfy pants you wear on those days you are feeling fat. Certain points during the month, women tend to … expand, and normal, everyday pants are uncomfortable.

MY fat pants were a pair of yoga pants that I bought a few years ago at Old Navy when I was, in fact, at my fattest. Even then, they were quite loose and a baggier fit to begin with. I didn’t just wear them when I felt fatter than regular though. They were just extremely comfortable and I wore them around the house more than any other article of clothing I own (except maybe those damn old Triple 5 Soul hoodies of Hubby’s that I am constantly wearing on top of whatever else I have on, which are also referred to frequently).

Devastatingly, I had them with me in Forks (I always travelled with them as pajama pants) and apparently in my hurry to pack up my shit when we were leaving, I guess they got pushed partway under the bed or something after I had taken them off (very unusual behaviour since I normally fold up everything as soon as I remove it when I’m away from home) and they never made it back into my suitcase. I realized I didn’t have them when we got to the next hotel and we called to get them to send them back to me but they said they weren’t there.

I am heartbroken. I’ve tried to replace them, but they don’t make the same ones anymore. Everything is “skinny” now. Such bullshit.

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