Look at Me Look at Me Look at Me

Lately, I’ve become increasingly intolerant of attention-seeking behaviour.  …Funny that I should be writing my thoughts down on a blog where anyone could read it. That comes across as pretty conspicuous. But I honestly could not give a flying fuck whether people read this or not. Apart from the blog, there are still other instances where I do things that I judge other people for. I’m not exactly sure why. Habit maybe? I really am trying to quash these things in myself so don’t feel so hypocritical.

I find this need to be special that everyone seems to have to some degree (and is probably just human nature), completely abhorrent. Maybe it’s because it’s so flagrant in our society now. It reaches out and slaps me in the face everywhere I look. People post pictures and statuses and tweets of stupid, irrelevant things to collect ‘likes’. To get as many people as possible to pat them on the back for their talent or cleverness or opinions or just for existing. Why? Does the validation of a stranger that probably doesn’t even mean it really make you feel good?


And the hashtags. OMG. Stop.

Okay, some are funny. But in general, the reason people put hashtags on their posts is so more people will see their crap. I don’t use them anymore unless I have to. (Or if it’s somewhere that doesn’t use hashtags, like text messages, and I’m doing it to be a dork… or making fun of people who overuse hashtags.)

Odds are, if our friendship is based on whether or not I like your social media posts, we won’t be friends for very long. The more I feel someone expects it, the less I want to do it. It should be that I scroll through my feed on whatever platform and see something that piques my interest or makes me laugh or feel good and I actually like it. To me, it doesn’t mean ‘I have seen your post and acknowledge that you have been online’. If we are actually friends, just assume I like you.  (Amusingly, my niece was watching me as I was checking up on what I had missed on Instagram and said, “No wonder you never like anything. You scroll through so fast that I bet you don’t even see half of it.” This is true. I’m sure I miss a lot. But… I’m okay with that.)

Celebrity worship is another branch of this grievance. Why do we feel the need to make the special people see us, acknowledge us, value us? I say we because I’ve fallen victim to it too and I HATE IT.  That’s a whole other exhausting topic and I don’t want to get into my gripes about that now.

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