3 Days of Gratitude

This was one of those Facebook tags things. I had to post 3 things I was grateful for 3 days in a row. (I’m backdating this post so that it shows up on the 1st day I posted on Facebook.)

Day 1

Last week, Jenn tagged me in a challenge ~ three days of three things I am grateful for. I purposely wanted to start today…

The number one thing I am most grateful for in life is Hubby. ❤ Happy 14 Years, Dude. You kind of rock, ya know.
2. my girls (they know who they are) ~ they see me at my worst and yet still keep coming back for more
3. cupcakes ~ they make me happy


Day 2
1. Weezer ~ still rocking after 20 years. (New album comes out Oct. 7!)
2. bubble tea ~ providing bonding moments to solidify my relationships since 1999.
3. other people’s obsessions ~ make me feel just a little bit more normal.

bubble tea.jpg

Day 3
1. people who give me second chances (and third and… more than I deserve) ~ so thankful for those that know how to forgive
2. my bed ~ comfort, safety, escape
3. music ~ “Where words fail, music speaks.”

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