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Maybe It’s Self-Discovery. Maybe It’s Self-Obsession.

I have always been introspective and think about why I do the things I do. I think perhaps it might be more accurate to say I’m completely self-involved, but I am extremely negative when it comes to myself so maybe that’s a snap judgement. I don’t … Continue reading

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Time is unfair. People who say ‘time heals wounds’ are idiots. As time passes, I forget things. Events, details, words. I spent so long trying to put things put of my mind (even though it seemed impossible at the time) that … Continue reading

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Fanfic Rec Wednesday – Chop and Change

Today, I am pleased to give you another rec by my bestie, PurpleBrina (@PurpleBrina17). Again, if you’re not reading her Music Monday and/or Throwback Thursday posts on the Fandemonium Network… why the hell not? They are awesome! Brina not only … Continue reading

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