Happy Birthday, PurpleBrina!!

I briefly contributed to a blog network with editorial articles. I worked really hard on them and am somewhat proud of the results so I decided to post them personally as well too. This is one of those articles.

You may or may not know that today, April 9th, is FN’s resident Music Monday blogger, PurpleBrina’s birthday.

There are a few guys who wanted to say something to mark the occasion…


Have a SUPER birthday, Brina!!

While it’s fun to imagine hot super hero men fighting over you, here are a few messages from people who love you in real life:

Brina~ it should go without saying how much your existence has brightened my life. You are one of the greatest friends I’ve ever had and I would be more than just lost without you. Happy Birthday. I hope you are able to truly absorb everything we all have to say. You are loved so much. Enjoy your day.
ilysfm, bestie.

Imagine if we would have gotten another time slot to line up for Fan Camp……………
If you wouldn’t have been so friendly, funny and warm, practically inviting us to talk to you……
If we wouldn’t have bonded over our mutual joy and misery, we were all so pitiful…….
Well, I can’t….
I won’t…..
My days are filled with your purple……
Happy Birthday, my dear……
Love you lots!!

B… When I first made the decision to go to LA, I knew it was going to be an amazing week. I also knew I would leave there having gotten to know some great people who shared the love of the Twilight series just as I did. What I didn’t expect was to meet a select few who would become some of the best friends I would ever have. We spent an awesome week together and I am so happy to say that the friendship we formed has never died.
Brina, I am so honored to call you my friend, one of my best friends, and I am so thankful that we can look forward to many, many years together building what we started in LA. Love you, baby. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!

You are smart, strong, and beautiful. You are a fabulous mom and daughter. I wanted thank you for always listening to me, supporting me, and encouraging me. You’re a true friend, and I wanted you to know that I love and appreciate you. You’re the best! Happy Birthday Brina!!

B, It’s been great getting to know you on group me and I can’t wait to meet you in June!  Here’s wishing you a great day and a wonderful year.

“There’s a light that never goes out” I can’t think of anything more fitting to describe Brina.  She radiates love inside and out and surrounds everyone in her presence with warmth and comfort.  Our meeting was pure happenstance and I’ve been thanking the heavens ever since.
Warmest birthday wishes to a special lady in my life and a bit more of the song as it reminds me of laughing and dancing with her. ‘Take me out tonight
Where there’s music and there’s people
And they’re young and alive’
Happy Birthday Supa B!  Flove you…

To my beautiful B, Happy Birthday. You are such an amazing, strong, beautiful person and I am so incredibly happy to be able to call you a friend. Now picture me singing, ‘THEY SAY IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! All while wearing a rotation of masks that resemble all the hot smexy men you love. #TEAMBRINA
Loves ~ TamTam

So so SO thankful for my friendship with you! You are always there if I need to vent or bitch and never judge. You are a beautiful person with a kind soul. I admire your strength especially when it comes to taking care of your little man and kicking cancers ass! I will be forever grateful for traveling across the country and meeting you! Love you long time!

Happy birthday to Brina! Lover of purple, survivor, and hella AWESOME! Have a great day lady.

Brina –
We found each other on twitter and became fast friends. Twilight brought us together, but friendship keeps us together. Love of hot men, fan fic and great music solidify us as friends. Fancamp wouldn’t have been the same without you, I am grateful for that time we got to hang.  You are the bravest and strongest gal I know. I love you to bits and I hope you get all you wish for and dream for today and every day!
Happy Birthday girl! #TeamBrina
Love ya –Jenn

You are an amazing person! I am so glad I met you in LA. From SuperBrina to Road Trips to telling me to STFU you are the best. I love you and can’t wait to see you in 2 months!


For anyone who didn’t get a chance to send B their love before I posted this, feel free to join in the lovefest in the comments below.

And for those of you who know her (and even if you don’t), pop over to twitter and tell her happy birthday. @PurpleBrina17

Oh, and NOW Purple Rain is available on YouTube, just for you.
(Boooooo. Video has since been taken down. Damn you, copyrights!)

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