Journal Challenge Rules~

  1. Write SOMETHING every day – it doesn’t have to be profound or long
  2. Make it “fancy” – experiment with typography, add a border, add a doodle, glue something in
  3. If you have nothing to say, pick one of the topics below and fill in the info

This is the cover of one of my old journals.



-inspirational quotes
-clips from magazines (etc.) that inspire you (ie. pictorial or single words)
-notes/cards you receive
-travel – places you’ve been or places you dream of (add pictures)
-fashion – ideas or desires
-lists – top 10’s, favourites, bucket list, to-do’s, etc.
-recipes and favourite food
-reading list – finished and TBR
-architect and home deisgn
-project ideas
-dreams and sleep patterns
-eating out / restaurant reviews
-music – favourite songs, lyrics, playlists, etc.
-funny things people say
-current events – what’s going on in the world, in the news, at work/school, etc.
-favourite things
-my thoughts are full of…
-memories – the first time I…
-advice to a younger self/future self
-(single) words that mean something to you
-instead of a wish-list, do a wish-granted list
-reflections on being the receiver of an act of kindness
-aspects of yourself you are thankful for
-a proud moment in your life
-a hard lesson you learned
-a positive impact you had on someone else’s life
-best compliments you’ve ever received
-little things that make you happy
-who are the people you are thankful for in your life
-snapshot of today – weather, what you did, plans for the rest of the day, eating, wearing, listening to, reading, thinking about/wondering, feeling, etc.
-describe the room you’re in right no
-introductions – yourself, your family members, your friends and loved ones, etc.
-breakdown of your friends – who do you go to when…
-all the words that describe you
-a day in the life – what your typical day looks like

There are thousands of pictures of random people’s journals on Google that give me lots of ideas. Try looking up “smash book“. Those are pretty cool. Such as…


I also have an entire Pinterest board full of journaling ideas.


An Idea

A few years ago for Christmas, I gave one of my SILs a big fat journal with this message inside:

This isn’t just a journal… We’re calling it “The Uplifting Book”. Its purpose is to be filled with thoughts, quotes, bits and scraps of things that inspire you so that when you’re feeling down, you only need to open it up to feel … uplifted!

Write down all the warming things that occur in your life, no matter how small they may seem at the time. It’s so easy to forget the blessings when things aren’t going as you want.

If someone gives you a touching card or letter, stick it in here.

Make lists.  Top 5’s ~ snells, items, movies, songs, books, people, places to be, etc.

What was your happiest childhood memory?

Describe something you did that still makes you feel proud.

Write your own personal mantra ~ repeat it aloud to yourself when you need a boost.

What do you want to be remembered as?

What are the things in life that matter most to you?

 Just a few suggestions ~ it’s a thick book! Be creative and make it pretty!


Shockingly, there is a blog post about it.

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