Christmas Gift Giving Ideas~

The Christmas season is coming… soon! I am always a last minute person (not just for buying gifts!) so I’ve started to think about what to give each person on my list. (I ALMOST wish people would stop getting married and having kids ~ the list is always expanding!!)

I’ve always thought that a gift says not only a lot about you but also what you think about the person you are giving it to. I don’t have a problem, per se, with giving or recieving gift cards/certificates (especially from a favourite store) but… I don’t think it’s “impersonal” as everyone says or “thoughtless” but it seems to say “I don’t know you very well”. (BTW, If anyone wants to get me some GCs, I wouldn’t mind both Lululemon and Chapters!! haha)

Anyway, I’m trying to think of some inspired gift giving ideas… I have some people who are quite difficult. (as in, I don’t “know” them very well and don’t want to give them gift cards!)

I’ve only come up with one so far but it could work for more than one person. I have decided, in the spirit of giving, to share it with readers so that you may use it too, if you wish.

I like to call it “The Uplifting Book”. I have a feeling that it would be best given to the women in your lives ~ wives, sisters, mothers, daughters, friends, etc.

Buy one of those books with blank pages (one would call it a journal…) ~ something with an inspirational quotes on the cover. Chapters/Indigo has some nice ones. You know ~ the ones that say “dance like no ones watching…” On the inside cover, write your Merry Christmas/Happy Ramadan/Channukah/Kwanza/whatever message. The next page, the purpose of the book ~ which is to fill its blank pages with things you find uplifting. Suggest things that can fill it with ~ quotes, memories, lists of top 5’s (favourite places to go, songs, smells, etc.), “what matters most to me”, “nice things people have said about me” (you can fill in)… Whatever you can think of. I think it’s also sweet to randomly open to a page and make a template for one of those ideas… Do several. (The books I’m thinking of are pretty thick anyway).

And, if you WANT to give a gift certificate… put it inside the book!

So…. what do you think would make a great, thoughtful gift? Reply please!

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