I’m Cold and I Need a Snack

But first… I just joined another community. Who would’ve thought there’d be a community based solely on learning East Asian languages! Yay!! And not just the major ones that you can learn in school. I actually came across a few people who apparently speak my boyfriend’s language! Maybe I can get some tips so I can learn more of the “family’s” dialect. Ann’s husband learns Toisan or whatever my boyfriend’s mom teaches him but I’ve been the rebel and odd-man out learning only Cantonese. That’s because I want more of an in-depth understanding of the language than just mimic and repeat. I can’t even remember my numbers in Toisan. Only thut and thee. I can say my numbers at least to 100 in Cantonese and Japanese in my sleep (and frequently do). Bad daughter-in-law (almost)!

Time for a snack…

Current Mood: hungryhungry

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