Mother’s Day Poem

H ~ for the happiness you bring
A ~ for your “accurate” brain
P ~ for the patience you show
P ~ for the prayers you make
Y ~ for the years of love

M ~ for the memories I’ll hold on to
O ~ for the out-stretched arms
T ~ for the times you forgive me
H ~ for the hours you’ve shared
E ~ for the early-morning hot chocolates
R ~ for the many stories you read

S ~ for the sacrifices you make

D ~ for the dedication you show
A ~ for the affection you give
Y ~ for YOU – You’re the best!

I love you, Mummy!!

(originally posted on LiveJournal)

11.08.2013 NOTE: In grade 4, we had to write acrostic poems for Mother’s Day which the entire class’ were collected and written in a booklet for each child’s mother. Mine spelled out her full name. The accurate brain is a reference to that original poem.

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